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Murad Jah 


From the vibrant streets of London, where my Turkish and Indian roots intertwine, to embarking on an exciting journey across the Atlantic in pursuit of academic excellence in sunny Southern California, I have been fortunate to experience life through diverse lenses. Beyond my intellectual pursuits, rugby has been my passion since the tender age of 5, instilling in me a strong sense of teamwork and determination. Equally captivated by the art of underwater photography I am constantly seeking new perspectives to capture the beauty of the underwater world.



  1. Master of Arts (M.A.) in Environmental Studies

    • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

  2. Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Studies: Oceans, Life, and People

    • Minor in Marine Biology

    • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA


I have had a very diverse employment history, from lab work in the marine sciences to researching the role of civil society in international climate negotiations. A more in-depth look into my employment history can either be found through my resume or through the experience tab.

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